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Our story

A sweet family passion

The Almond Milk is a typical product of Calabria and Sicily. In the past our grandmothers prepared it breaking and crushing fresh almonds of our territories in warm water. They made it completely by hand!
Almond Milk is a fresh product, sweet and rich in protein and a refreshing and summery drink at the same time. Every bar, restaurant, gelateria used to offer fresh almond milk, always produced with Sicilian or Calabrian almonds.

Over the years, Sicilians and Calabrians started mixing the crushed almonds with sugar, creating the Almond Paste. This is a product easy to store (due to the presence of sugar) and easy to dissolve in water because it is soft and easy to be diluted. The Almond Paste has a very high percentage of almonds, that is why is so tasty!

This is the almond milk base of our Mond’Or: the flavor of our land, a high percentage of almonds, a decisive and different taste and, above all, a process that is still traditional.

We select almonds, rigorously whole, sometimes raw, sometimes toasted; we process them at a low and controlled temperature, to preserve the natural taste and the organoleptic characteristics of the product. The result is a creamy recipe easily dilutable in water. After that, we mix the product with purified water, it gets heat treated and pasteurized, so it is safe and sterile.

Then, finally, the packaging.

Today, the recipes of Mand’Or accurately follow the traditions of our territory and in the same time use innovative recipes. Our Organic Almond Milk and the Almond Milk containing hazelnuts and pistachio are the perfect example.

The common denominator of the brand is: essential recipes, clean labels and selection of raw materials, so that both, taste and the uniqueness of the product, will always prevail.

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